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Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2026

Sustainable Community Strategy cover

The Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2026 (pdf) 'Improving our communities together' was launched at the Annual Stakeholder Event on 22 April 2008.

A summary document (pdf) is also available.

What is a Sustainable Community Strategy?

A Sustainable Community Strategy sets out the vision and priorities to improve the economic, social and environmental well being of an area.  It clearly shows how partners will work together to develop sustainable communities.

What is in our Strategy?

Our vision

'Sustainable, inclusive, safe, healthy, prosperous communities thriving in a quality environment.'

The Strategy has been developed under the following shared priorities:

  • Tackling disadvantage and promoting equality of opportunity, as a key shared priority running through all the themes
  • Developing strong inclusive communities
  • Ensuring safer communities
  • Improving health and well being
  • Developing a prosperous economy and enterprising community
  • Living within environmental limits

The Strategy sets out:

  • Our long-term vision for North Somerset
  • The key challenges we need to consider
  • Our progress to date
  • Our shared priorities and the improvements we want to see
  • How the work will be delivered

Developing the Strategy

The strategy built on the previous Community Strategy, the views of local people, particularly in the NSP consultation programme that took place between May and October 2006, and evidence of the challenges, opportunities and priorities for North Somerset.

An initial draft strategy was available for public comment from mid-November to mid-December 2007. Comments received during that period were reviewed and used to inform the final draft.

Sustainability appraisals were carried out on the draft strategy (Dec 07) (pdf) and the delivery aspects of the strategy (Sept 08) (pdf). The recommendations from these appraisals were used to inform the final strategy.

To develop the strategy, we worked with officers (the project group) from across our partner organisations to identify the key trends and issues for North Somerset that need to be addressed.

Following several meetings of this group and NSP delivery partnerships a structure for the new strategy was agreed by the board.

The Community Strategy 2004-2025

The first Community Strategy was prepared by the North Somerset Partnership and launched in 2004.

Since then the Government has undertaken a widespread review of Local Strategic Partnerships (LSP)  and published initial outline guidance to strengthen the role of LSPs and refocus the Community Strategy into a Sustainable Community Strategy.